Badge Reader

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The badge reader enables exhibitors to scan delegate's badges visiting their stand or participating to their Industry Sponsored Sessions.
The following information is registered:
- Name and Surname of the participant
- Job Title
- Email
- Organisation name and address
- Organisation telephone and fax number

Before the event: the badge reader can be retrieved the day before the opening of the show at the badge reader desk located in the registration area.
Please note: a deposit of 450€ ( Excl VAT ) per device will be requested when collecting the badge reader.

During the event: technical assistance on site.

After the event: please return the badge reader back to the badge reader desk located in the registration area.

In case of system failure, the client will be reimbursed but no file will be given. The client will not be able to obtain further compensation.

Smartphone Calypso Badge Reader

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First badge reader

290.00 €  €
Additional badge reader

120.00 €  €
Badge Reader
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